An social networking site online situated in California, Facebook got its official launch on the 4th of February 2004. Founders of Facebook are Mark Zuckerberg alongside his roommates and classmates coming from Harvard, particularly Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, and Dustin Moskovitz. From the start, the founders of Facebook began with a couple of website members coming only from Harvard University. It later moved to other Ivy League universities, Boston colleges, and Stanford University. It gradually received support from other university students and later on for high school students.

By 2006, any individual who is 13 years old and above may be a registered user of Facebook. Yet this requirements in age may be higher according to local laws, as appropriate. The name is according to the colloquialism as given by students from American universities.

So how do accomplish a Facebook log in?

(1) First, you have to make sure that there is no other individual logged in the Facebook login page of your device. So as to log a person out of their login web page, click the you can see on the higher portion of the Facebook web page and select to log out as that person.

facebook login

(2) Type the address, on the address bar of the web browser of your choice.

facebook log in

(3) Plug your FB Facebook login email address. You can sign in via your email that can be linked to your account on Facebook. You can also do a login when you use your username. An alternative method of logging in to Facebook is through utilizing your phone number. If you own a phone that is linked and confirmed already to your Facebook login Facebook account, simply plug it in. Just remember not to include the zeroes that is prior to the country code. This includes symbols. login

(4) Afterwards put in your password. Next click the hyperlink “Log In.”

If you are wondering on what the difference of a Facebook login and a Facebook sign up, just read on.

If at present you do not own a Facebook account, you can just sign up simply by accomplish the following process. In order to register so you can access a Facebook account, just plug in your phone number, name or email in a form you can find at Afterwards, choose an appropriate password. Next click on your gender, type your birthday, and click the hyperlink, “Sign Up.”

If you want to log in, this shows that you already have a Facebook account that is in existence. Simply log to your Facebook account as you are still on the same web page. In order for you to log in, just type in your email or phone number. Also include a password found on the upper portion of the web page. Next click the hyperlink, “Log In.”

If it is possible that you still cannot get access to your account with Facebook, try to do a couple of things. First try to do a password reset. Next, go through the login issues in troubleshooting and look for more information on particular login problems. Lastly, if you still cannot remember your log in email address, simply sign in using your phone number or your login name. If you find that the troubleshooting hacks cannot fix these problems, you can get some support to get back your account.

If you need to add or remove an email utilizing your Facebook account, first click the seen on the right portion of the Facebook web page and pick “Settings.” Afterwards, click the hyperlink “Email,” click the hyperlink, “Add another email.” This is so you could have a brand new email as connected to your Facebook account or simply click the hyperlink “Remove” so you can remove the email from your account on Facebook. Next, plug in your password and click the link, “Save Changes.” As soon as you have this brand new email address for your account on Facebook, you will receive a confirmation email from Facebook. In this email, just click the hyperlink to ensure that you would like to include this particular email in your account on Facebook.

Another way to ensure you have a Facebook account that is secure is ensure that your email linked to your Facebook is right. It is also suggested that you have other email addresses linked to your account with Facebook so just in case you lose access to the initial email, you have email backups.

If you utilized your mobile phone to sign in and it appears that you cannot seem to sign in, make sure that you plugged in your complete and correct telephone number. This should include the country code. Take out the additional zeroes and special characters and symbols. If you find that you still could not sign in to your Facebook account or you forgot the password, just look for more help.

Remember that if you signed in for Facebook by utilizing your mobile number, you can use this number and the password that you made while signing up or logging in your computer or phone.

If you still find the error message, “Incorrect Password” when you sign in, you have to make a little research first and foremost. Ensure that the caps lock is not on. Next, try to reset the password. Subsequently, try to change and improve your password then reset it. Lastly, attempt to use another web browser.